Marcel Duchamp (1887-1968) was a French artist. He is known for popularizing the “readymade,” objects selected by the artist and presented as an artwork. “The Fountain” was a urinal readymade of his that caused much controversy. L.H.O.O.Q. is another controversial work of his, depicting the Mona Lisa with a moustache, with the title captioned below, pronounced as Elle a chaud au cul translating to ”Her ass is hot/She is really horny.” (Wikipedia)He sometimes painted in the Cubist style and his paintings and drawings often depicted naked ladies. He certainly gave no fucks, and has the side profile of a god.






Hymn to the Muse by Mesomedes (2nd Century AD).

Mesomedes of Crete was a Greek poet and composer. A freedman of the Roman Emperor Hadrian (24 Janury AD 76 - 10 July AD 138; reigned AD 117-138), he is associated with the Musaeum in Alexandria, a religious institution dedicated to the nine muses (the daughters of Zeus an Mnemosyne), which housed the Library of Alexandria and is the origin of our word museum. 15 poems by Mesomedes have survived, and until the discovery of the Seikilos Epitaph, some of these were the only known fragments of music from the ancient world.


Άειδε Μούσά μοι φίλη,
μολπής δ’ εμής κατάρχου,
αύρη δε σων απ’ άλσεων
εμάς φρένας δονείτω.

Καλλιόπεια σοφά,
Μουσών προκαθαγέτι τερπνών,
και σοφέ Μυστοδότα,
Λατούς γόνε, Δήλιε, Παιάν,
ευμενείς πάρεστέ μοι.

"Sing, dearest Muse, and
help me start my song.
Let the breeze coming
through your forests
make my soul vibrate!

Oh, wise Calliope,
you the leader of
the gracious Muses,
and You wise Initiator
of the Mysteries,
Latona’s son, Delian,
Paean, offer your help,
being favorable to me!”